USCG is innovative. efficient. valued.

The US Consulting Group selects businesses that share the global vision to become leaner, smarter and more cost efficient through the implementation of customized plans and processes. The USCG pledge to our clients is to deliver innovation, cost savings, and ground-breaking solutions, guaranteed.

Our Services

Who We Are

The USCG is a national waste and recycling management company. We specialize in providing unique options and customized solutions to our clients that deliver a high level of savings, increases in efficiency, green sustainability, rebate opportunities, and dedicated client representation through ongoing management and support.

The USCG also provides ancillary programs which deliver additional benefits and savings within a facility management setting. Strategic partnerships within and across industry lines allow our group to offer a diversity of products and services to new and existing customers.

Our cutting-edge process encompasses auditing and development, bidding and negotiations, implementation, ongoing management and support.

Key Benefits

  • Shared Savings Program Offered At No Capital Expense
  • Green Sustainable Options / Rebate Revenue Generation
  • Savings & Rebates That Average 30% - 40%
  • Comprehensive Savings Summation Report
  • One Point Of Contact / Consolidation of Services
  • Ongoing Management & Customer Service
  • Customized Reports & Monthly Invoice Review
  • Standardized Company-Wide Waste Programs

Extensive Audits of...

  • Service Providers
  • Waste Programs
  • Facilities

Our Core Values

As a former 4 time USA Wrestling National Champion, President Rick Dellagatta still embraces the strong convictions and values of USA Wrestling. Those values are Integrity, Dedication, Honesty, Accountability, Responsibility and Respect.

“In business and in life, these core values are my #1 goal.”

– Rick Dellagatta


Dedication to carrying out the mission and goals of the USCG with the highest degree of sacrifice and discipline.


Being true to self and the mission of the USCG, while discerning right from wrong and acting on it.


Being truthful and upright with people and issues in furthering the mission of the USCG.


Fulfilling all functions, tasks, duties and assignments with trust and credibility on behalf of the USCG by honoring promises and pledges.


Providing answers and reasons to others for actions and behaviors intended to support the mission of the USCG.


Recognizing the absolute dignity in every human being, with a sense of compassion, caring and concern for the well-being of other people.

Our History