Additional Services

The USCG along with our group of global Strategic Partners, have many capabilities that will benefit your company. Please read the categories of solutions we offer to our clients worldwide!

Data Management

All companies struggle to manage the cyclical data quality process. A majority of organizations use only a fraction of their enterprise information to gain the kind of actionable insight needed to facilitate superior business performance. Additionally, they fail to realize the substantial cost associated with the presence of sub-par, inaccurate and inconsistent data.

The significant amount of revenue that is lost to bad information compels a shift in data quality strategies from occasional data cleansing to an ongoing cycle of data quality created by incorporating management plans. Data management is a continuous quality improvement process, embraced at all levels of the organization, to filter bad information by defining and enforcing policies and approval procedures for achieving and maintaining data quality.Data management is everybody’s business, which is why several best practices involve getting business users involved with data quality initiatives.

Staffing Management

People are the driving force of change. The lives that drive your company are operated by the pulse of your business. If your workforce represented the wellness of your company, how would you rank? Many companies are either too short staffed or they are staffed with the wrong types of people.

The USCG realizes the importance of the people who work for you. Through a strategic alliance that encompass the aggregate pricing, the USCG has selected a global leader in staffing strategy, design and implementation to assist businesses in assessing past, current and future needs.

Logistics Services Management

The USCG’s partnerships with the world’s most premiere logistics companies allow us to offer a cross-functional approach to managing the movement of raw materials into an organization’s geographical location. The USCG and select strategic partners will review the many variable aspects of the internal processing of all materials into finished goods, consumer and other geographical location and then the movement of finished goods and other materials out of the organization toward the end-consumer and locations. The USCG and our strategic partners will assist in the analysis, design and navigation of the logistical flow of products and services by improving trust and collaboration among supply chain partners. This approach will then prove to broaden you scope of business cost savings and efficiencies.

As organizations strive to focus on core competencies and become more flexible, they have reduced their ownership of raw materials sources and distribution channels. These functions are increasingly being outsourced to other entities that can perform the activities better or more effectively in relation to the cost and their ability to secure aggregate pricing. The effect has been to increase the number of organizations involved in satisfying customer demand, while reducing management control of daily logistics operations. Less control and more supply chain partners led to the concept of supply chain management and cost reduction strategies and increased efficiency.

Office Space Management

Our strategic partner is a leading provider of pre-owned, used office furniture including cubicles/workstations, desks, chairs and complete modular office systems. The wide selection of office furniture from manufacturers like Steelcase, Herman Miller & others allow you to choose quality used office furniture at a reasonable price. There are many benefits to buying pre-owned office furniture: cost reduction, property optimization and improved carbon footprint just to list a few.

Our team of passionate professionals can also help plan your office space.  Space planning is a big undertaking, as there are several factors to consider when designing your office; physical restrictions of the space, accessibility, the diversity of your team and team roles, lighting, and sound pollution. In fact, unwanted noise is almost universally reported by employees as the number one deterrent to productivity and satisfaction at work. One way to combat audible distractions is to consider zoning out your office. Keep those that spend ample time making phone calls farthest from those whose role require the most amount of concentration or attention to detail. For instance, keep some distance between your customer support team and your programmers or engineers. Space planning is all about solving problems before they arise.

Technology and Equipment Supply

We offer purchasing agreements for the following solid waste and recycling equipment: Compactors, Balers, Containers, Hoppers, Odor Neutralizers, Advance, Warning Lights, Pressure Gauges, Trucks (Compaction & Collection), Transfer Station Equipment

Shredding and Documentation Destruction

When considering document destruction services, price should be only one of the factors that influence your decision. It's equally important to understand the cost of a security breach to your business and to make sure you select an experienced shredding company to help protect your customers, employees and business. These are some of the issues you should take into consideration when evaluating the right budgetary and security fit:

Is there a secure chain-of-custody process for shredding confidential documents, whether done at a secure facility or on site at your premises? Have the personnel undergone rigorous training and background checks? Are they knowledgeable about privacy laws? Do they offer a risk assessment? Reputation Does the service provider have a long history with no security breaches and can the company provide references? Tailored Solution Make sure that the service you receive meets your specific business needs.

Energy Procurement and Management

Through USCG’s Strategic Energy Services Partner, we offer you a comprehensive selection of energy consulting services to help you reduce your costs. Our strategic partner has seven energy consultants with more than 250 years of combined experience. We will help identify:

  • Energy Procurement - Competition among private companies has skyrocketed since deregulation in 2002. We can help you find and negotiate the best deal after securing competing bids from our extensive provider network.
  • Energy Contract Negotiation and Management - Are you really getting the best deal available with your current energy contract? Our experienced consultants can help you find out. And if you are not, we will help you negotiate a better deal.
  • Energy Rate Analysis & Monitoring - We will help you identify ways to reduce your energy usage and pay less for the energy you currently use.
  • Power Factor Correction - You could have unused power bouncing around in your system, or an electrical system that does not make the best use of the power you have. Our professional energy consultants will help you identify and correct these problems and save money.
  • Lighting Retrofitting - Does your organization use outdated, inefficient lighting fixtures? Have you ever audited the electricity your lighting uses? You could be wasting more electricity and money than you think.

Facility Maintenance and Management

A single facility encounters a broad range of facility maintenance issues every week, month and year. Regular, preventative maintenance helps maintain a clean, consistent appearance in your locations, while optimizing functionality. Because the unexpected is bound to happen, our service providers are ready to fix any unexpected problems.

Multiply those problems across the nation and the daunting challenge of managing maintenance issues becomes apparent.

Our strong vendor relationships allow us to deliver top-quality service at the most competitive rates in the industry, in every trade, every time. Maintenance and repair data is collected from all your facilities which is then used to uncover opportunities for additional company-wide savings.

Property Tax Appeals

Through the USCG’s Strategic Property Tax Reduction Partner, we offer you an avenue to lower your commercial property tax obligation considerably. We assist with the following:

  • Review client’s annual assessment notices.
  • If warranted, prepare real property tax appeal.
  • File, track and report the status of the appeal to the client.
  • Negotiate the most advantageous settlement, with the most substantial refund and multi-year savings.
  • Provide litigation support if needed.