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With over 28 years of experience, the US Consulting Group is redefining what a well-developed and strategic waste plan should be. The USCG experience delivers comprehensive and customized solutions. These solutions produce significant savings and rebates, increasing operational efficiencies, with careful focus on maintaining safety and compliance with all regulatory commission guidelines.

The US Consulting Group model incorporates price aggregation, logistical bidding, and the integration of technological advances which promote green sustainability, and greater cost savings to clients nationwide. About USCG


We have seen a 38% savings on our refuse expenditure, thanks to your negotiations and business savvy. The process is elegant in its simplicity. The training by your staff is spot-on professional; all questions answered, and ease of implementation.

--Healthcare Facility

The USCG team has been consistently dependable while working within an excellent system of management. The USCG has fostered a high degree of trust from my office and because of their committed efforts they continue to increase their value in the operations of our stores.

--National Retailer

The strategies which you and your company have recommended and assisted us in instituting have helped us achieve substantial savings. We appreciate all of your efforts and look forward to future successes!


The USCG represents our six campuses in the capacity of an authorized Solid Waste, Recycling and Facility Management Consultant. We’ve realized a significant savings annually because of the common-sense approach and negation efforts through the USCG. We appreciate the USCG’s guidance and expertise which has provided the recycling programs that best suit the needs of our campuses.

--State College Group

Through the USCG’s process, they conducted full site audits at our facilities to ensure they understood our business and waste streams. Through these audits and negotiations, the USCG was able to provide major cost saving solutions for our facilities nationwide.

National Logistics Company