Waste Management Services

Our unique process encompasses auditing & development, bidding & negotiations, implementation and ongoing management. USCG clients achieved savings within one billing cycle and can receive results in 30 - 60 days. Waste cost savings analysis is detailed and reviewed by the client prior to implementation and can commence even with existing contracts.

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    Detailed analysis

    Comprehensive Auditing, Program and Pricing Review to carefully analyze your facility's specific waste needs.

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    Strategic Alliances

    Aggregate Pricing Strategic Alliances providing our clients with cost savings and rebate opportunities through over 7200 qualified vendors.

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    One point of contact

    Delivering unparalleled customer services and ongoing management through one primary provider.

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    Invoice Management

    Includes monthly invoice review, vendor payments, customized reports and electronic billing.

Categories we Represent

Business Categories

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Government agencies, event venues, banks, municipalities, airports

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Apartments, HOS's, Hotels, Recreation & Resorts, Churches, College Campuses

Building Icon


Grocery Chains, Offices, Healthcare, Malls, Restaurants

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Fabrication, Distribution & Logistics, Warehouses, Manufacturing, Automotive

Waste Categories

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Medical/Industrial Waste

Regulated Medical Waste, Pharmaceutical Waste, Hazardous Waste, Liquid/Oil/Grease, Food Waste, Composting

Paperclip Icon

Office Waste

Document Shredding & Certified Destruction, C & D Waste, Office Paper, E-Waste

Trashcan Icon

Typical Waste

Cardboard, Styrofoam, Metal/Wood/Cans/Glass, Plastic/Stretch Wrap

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Other Waste

Rubber Tires, Grass/Leaves/Clippings, Universal Waste, Solid Waste & Recycling

Our Process

There are many new collection methods, different waste classifications and/or new processes in the marketplace to capture and reduce waste costs that many companies are unaware of. We do not seek to change the service of your existing service providers, recycling companies and/or dump sites. We simply investigate the methodology and other important cost factors. We make recommendations, negotiate on your organization's behalf and present your team with successful, cost effective options.

Our goal at USCG is to develop and establish a comprehensive concept and plan. The objective of our recommendations, waste and recycling plans and programs is to obtain the lowest fees, highest rebates, best terms and most efficient way to service your company's/organization's needs for all types of waste generated. We educate our clients on how to maximize recyclable values while reducing waste costs. Our system, designs and solutions are derived from years of overcoming challenges and presenting unique programs that reduce costs for over 30 different waste categories.

USCG offers 24/7 value-added services which assist our clients in managing and streamlining services and costs. Invoice billing management tools reduce administrative costs and organize the overall process of cost savings waste management. This comprehensive process will make it simple to manage all aspects of your waste and recycling programs.

theUSCG increases your profit